Del Monte

Software Engineer & Graphic Designer.
The creative developer that you've been looking for.

Websites & Apps

The Art Lounge

The Art Lounge visual

The Art Lounge is a social platform where users can post their art and receive constructive criticism and appreciation with a focus on improving their skills.


Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas Attractions visual

Customizeable list of attractions in Las Vegas that takes the hassle out of where to go so users spend more time having fun and less time browsing the internet.


Pet Pair

Pet Pair visual

Pet Pair is an API interface created to look through a collection of pets that are ready for adoption. Browsing through the interface is a great way to relieve stress.


Bethel Art Studio

Art studio Website image

Bethel Art Studio is owned by two friendly women who host painting sessions. Their new site is now functional and matches their fun-loving presence.


Elite Rides

Website image of Elite Rides

Elite Rides is a modern and stylish dealership. The company website reflects that with a responsive and beautiful site that feels classy at the same time.

Aruba Coffee Traders

Aruba Coffee Traders Website image

Fresh and vibrant webpage for Aruba Coffee Traders, a fairtrade coffee company that takes pride in the freshness of its products and the airy style of its location.

Graphic Design &

Print Production

Baha Mar Resort


food truck wrap created for Streetbird

Hailing from the cultural mecca of Harlem, Streetbird is world-famous for its fried chicken sandwich. The Baha Mar Resort food truck design combines the old-school hip-hop swagger with a fresh, minimalistic design.

Matson Money

American Dream Experience

Signs created for a Matson Money convention

Matson Money helps families transform their financial future. The event branding needed to be compelling and profound. The resulting concept featured moments in history where people rose above the rest and broke records.